You’ve searched the world over for that mythical creature, the reliable freelance writer. You are the twenty-first-century Ahab, and this is your white whale. You stand on the deck of a ship traversing the swirling depths of the world wide web, battening down the hatches in the face of many-headed ignored emails, sailing past mirage islands of tempting witches with stories only about themselves, arming yourself against annoying upstart writers in love with their own ridiculous literary allusions.

Tired of tilting at giants that are only windmills? You are at the right place. Get in touch to discuss how I can meet your needs.

Quality Research

I don’t write blog posts, I write articles. This means you can rest assured that my writing is backed by reputable sources, appropriately cited, giving your audience reliable information in a world where they are told not to trust the internet. Be the corner they can trust.

Nuanced Perspective

I do not write to promote myself or a personal agenda. As a person with a good deal of privilege, it is my duty to elevate voices and communities that aren’t always listened to as they should be. I take care to be as respectful as possible, and always run my work by a team of diverse editors to check for bias and inaccuracy.

While my identity as a queer person and history with mental illness are not primary foci of my writing, they do inform the topics I am drawn to and the style in which I go about my research. Representing the often unrepresented is deeply, personally important to me. I want to promote stories that will help people heal and live more positive, healthy lives, with particular attention to those for whom society or disability makes this difficult. There are multiple sides to every story, and as a writer, it is a critical part of my job to be cognizant of that.

If you want content written for everyone from a socially conscious source, I am the writer for you.

Engaging Style

My writing style is written with the human voice in mind, perfect for reading silently or speaking aloud. I aim to be interesting and accessible. My work has been praised by many an editor and publisher in both fiction and nonfiction. Read any of my writing samples to see what I mean.

Satisfaction Guarantee

I write to make the world a better place, and the world begins with you. I offer unlimited revisions on my articles and will not stop until you are completely satisfied. The writing process is not only a transaction between you and I, it is a collaborative effort between you and I and the great world around us. Let’s create something together to make your mark on it.

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